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The show is hosted by Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan and is broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television. With its engaging format and exciting prize money, KBC has become a household name in India. However, there are instances where people have fallen prey to fake calls and messages related to the show. This is where the KBC helpline number comes into play. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the KBC helpline 2023 and how it can help prevent fraud.

What is the KBC helpline number?

The KBC helpline whatsapp is a toll-free number that has been set up by Sony Entertainment Television to help viewers with their queries related to the show. The number can be used to clarify doubts about the show’s format, eligibility criteria, registration process, and prize money. The KBC helpline is available 24×7, and callers can speak to customer care representatives in multiple languages.

The importance of the KBC helpline number:

The KBC helpline is important for several reasons. Firstly, it helps viewers get accurate information about the show. There are several fake websites and social media accounts that claim to offer KBC registration services. By calling the KBC helpline , viewers can confirm the authenticity of such claims and prevent themselves from falling prey to fraud.

Secondly, the KBC helpline number helps viewers get their doubts clarified. The show’s format can be confusing for some viewers, and they may have doubts about the lifelines, the selection process, and the prize money. By calling the KBC helpline , viewers can get their queries answered by experts and increase their chances of winning the show.

Thirdly, the KBC helpline number helps prevent fraud. There have been instances where people have received fake calls and messages claiming to be from the KBC team. These fraudsters often ask for personal information or money, and unsuspecting viewers may fall prey to their tactics. By calling the KBC helpline number, viewers can verify the authenticity of such calls and protect themselves from fraud.

How to use the KBC helpline number:

Using the KBC helpline is a simple process. The toll-free number 0096893247638 is , and it can be dialed from any mobile or landline phone. The caller will be greeted by a customer care representative who will ask for their query. The representative will then provide accurate information or connect the caller to an expert who can answer their question.

It is important to note that the KBC helpline number is only meant for queries related to the show. Viewers should not call the number for general entertainment-related queries or to register for the show. The registration process for KBC is clearly explained on the show’s official website, and viewers should follow the instructions provided there.

Apart from the helpline number, there are other ways to contact KBC for queries and feedback. The show’s official website has a “Contact Us” section where viewers can submit their queries or feedback through a form. The website also has an FAQ section that provides answers to commonly asked questions.

In addition to the helpline number and website, viewers can also reach out to KBC through social media. The show has official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where viewers can message or tag the show with their queries or feedback. KBC also has an official app that can be downloaded on Android and iOS devices. The app provides information about the show, quizzes, and games, and viewers can also use it to register for the show.

The KBC helpline number is not just meant for viewers with queries or doubts about the show. It is also meant for viewers who may have fallen victim to KBC-related scams. Fraudsters often use the KBC brand to lure unsuspecting viewers into giving away personal information or money. These scams can take various forms, such as fake phone calls, messages, or social media posts. By calling the KBC helpline number, viewers can report such scams and prevent others from falling prey to them.

The KBC helpline is not just restricted to viewers in India. The show has a global audience, and the helpline number is available for viewers from other countries as well. The customer care representatives are trained to handle queries in multiple languages, making it easier for viewers from different countries to get their doubts clarified.

Apart from providing assistance to viewers, the KBC helpline also serves as a feedback mechanism for the show. The customer care representatives take note of the feedback provided by viewers and convey it to the show’s producers. This feedback helps the show improve and cater to the needs of its audience better.

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